Amalfi Side Table-$835
LL #90020010ALL #90020010BLL #90020010

Amalfi Side Table-$835

STYLE# 9002

Amalfi Side Table-$835

22"L x 22"D x 24"H

Inspired by authentic antiques handcrafted in traditional Chinese Ming styles, the Amalfi Collection has embraced time-honored design, construction techniques, and craftsmanship to recreate the unique style fits modern living spaces. Each of these stunning, rustic yet elegant pieces is artisan-built from old solid pine. Intricate detailing is meticulously sculpted by hand; each line and curve carefully placed to accentuate its wooden surface. With its artful distressing, Amalfi has the look of an antique that’s been cherished for generations.

Distinctive nicks, splits, cracks, knots, nail holes and imperfections in the wood are to be expected and celebrated. Each salvaged item is an original and no two are exactly alike.

By their nature, unsealed salvaged wood planks may be somewhat uneven and may develop small cracks and cup or bow over time due to changes in the home environment, including temperature or humidity


Prices subject to change

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