Home County Co. Scented Candles-$45.00
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Home County Co. Scented Candles-$45.00

Home County Co. Scented Candles-$45.00

We met a lovely young couple from England, Hannah and Oliver, the creators of our new scented candle line, Home County Co. From their kitchen on a farm in rural Buckinghamshire they hand-pour delightfully scented natural vegan soy candles in small batches to ensure even scent distribution for perfect products every time. They are committed to producing sustainable candles with minimal impact on the environment. The wooden crackle wicks not only look fantastic and burn with a delightful crackling sound, but are also more sustainable long term than traditional cotton wicks, due to the pesticide-intensive process of cotton farming. Inspired by their favorite British Isle destinations like the Cotswolds, Essex and the Argyll. Burn time of 45 hours.


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