Kantha Orb Necklace-$58.00
WF #NE5051WF #NE5051-A

Kantha Orb Necklace-$58.00

STYLE# 5051

Kantha Orb Necklace-$58.00

This fabulous statement necklace features four strands of vibrant Kantha beads that artfully vary in size, increasing as they reach the center. Sustainably handmade by women artisans in India. Measures 17″ long at the shortest strand with a 3″ long extender.

Kantha quilts are a traditional textile found in abundance in India. They are made from layers of worn cotton saris, sewn together with a distinctive, allover running stitch. Artisans transform the fabric scraps into beads for jewelry, which provides new life to a textile that is often discarded. Each Kantha bead has a base made of wood, carved out of scraps gathered from a local furniture factory. We, and the artisans, love sustainable sourcing! Artisans then hand cover each wooden bead with a colorful piece of Kantha fabric, attaching them securely with a safe adhesive. Excess fabric is trimmed off, and the bead is complete.


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