Peking Ming Console-$1,958.00
LL #90280010-1LL #90280010

Peking Ming Console-$1,958.00

STYLE# 9028

Peking Ming Console-$1,958.00

59"L x 14"D x 34"H

Inspired by authentic antiques handcrafted in traditional Chinese styles, our Peking Ming Revival Collection has embraced time-honored design, construction techniques, and craftsmanship to recreate furnishings only associated with hundred year old antiques. Each of these stunning, rustic yet elegant pieces is artisan-built from solid pine, Intricate detailing is meticulously sculpted by hand; each line and curve carefully placed to accentuate its wooden surface. And, multilayered finishes are hand-painted using rich hues, which are artfully distressed to achieve the appearance of a naturally aged heirloom.


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